This recording is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, Dr. James Dale Holloway. Jim was born in Columbus, GA on July 4, 1960 and died tragically in a shooting and random act of violence on May 17, 2001 on the Pacific Lutheran University campus. Dr. Holloway was a consummate pianist, organist, composer, scholar, genteel Southerner, and teacher. He was loved by many, and shared freely with everyone his love of God, learning, music, cuisine and laughter. He composed “Love is His Name” for the choir at Trinity Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington in 1990. It was sung by Choir of the West at Jim’s and Judy Carr’s wedding ceremony in 1995. On this recording we have used solo voice and solo violin with organ, but the arrangement has not been altered in any way. As an additional tribute to Jim, portions of the sale of this recording will be donated to handgun control and to a scholarship fund in his name. May we continue to honor Jim Holloway by holding the torch of love and learning; and strive, in Samuel Torvend’s eloquent words from his memorial homily and tribute,

“to pursue a wisdom that sustains life,
to care for this world's fragile beauty,
to lead others in the ways of peace,
to unravel the power of violence,
to serve as advocates of God's justice and peace,
and yes, this:
to sing of this unfailing love until its power is so deeply rooted
in our lives that we want nothing less than to become the very
words we sing.”